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Create your stunning website with unique overlap templates

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Create your awesome websites with Overlap

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[wyde_heading text_align=”right” title=”3 Primary Navigation Layouts”]

Overlap includes 3 navigation templates, Classic, Center and Fullscreen. Dark & light style with sliding bar widgets.

[wyde_heading text_align=”left” title=”Multiple Title Area Options”]

Create unlimited title layouts

  • Multiple Text Scrolling Animations
  • 3 Background Scrolling Effects
  • Full Screen Background
  • Video Background
  • Image Background
  • Color Overlay
[wyde_heading text_align=”right” title=”Unlimited Footer Layouts”]

It’s super easy to create footer content by using Visual Composer – Drag and Drop Page Builder. Customizable 3 Footer bottom bar templates. 

[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-magic-wand” title=”Smart Theme Options”]User friendly interface theme options panel that will let you configure every aspect of your site with just a few clicks.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-direction” title=”Mega Menu and Menu Icons”]This theme supports mega menu and menu icons that allow you to display large amount of menu items.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-docs” title=”AJAX Content Importer”]Import demo content with our AJAX content importer, easily import all content with just a click.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-magnifier” title=”AJAX Live Search”]

Show search suggestions while typing. Customizable search post types and number of items to display per post type.


[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-chemistry” title=”AJAX Page Transitions”]Choose from 6 different page transition effects. And this feature can easily be turned on or off in the theme options panel.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-book-open” title=”Powerful page and Post Options”]Easy to customize your content for each page, blog, portfolio and other custom post types. Apply page title, backgrounds and custom sidebars.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-umbrella” title=”Parallax Section”]Multiple section options, Simple Parallax & Parallax with Fade, create a full-width, parallax and background color overlay section with just a click.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-cursor-move” title=”Drag & Drop Page Builder”]Overlap comes with drag & drop page builder, Visual Composer with our custom add-ons integrated. You can build any page layout without coding![/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-settings” title=”One Page Site Option”]Easily create one page website with just a click, auto-generates page content, auto-generates anchor tags. Creating one page website was never easier.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-loop” title=”Fullscreen Slider”]Create a responsive, full screen and full-width slider to show off your content. Use the visual editor to drag & drop your content and build slides.
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-size-fullscreen” title=”Fully Responsive Design”]Overlap is 100% responsive for all content elements including the premium slider are fully responsive and ready for all devices.[/wyde_info_box]
[wyde_info_box icon_set=”simple_line” icon_size=”large” color=”#ffffff” icon_simple_line=”sl-globe-alt” title=”Advanced Typography”]

Overlap includes over 500 Google Fonts. You can easily customize font styles (size, color, weight, line-height, letter-spacing, subset, etc.) with font preview.


[wyde_heading title=”$53 Bonus Value”]
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Overlap comes with the awesome premium WordPress plugins, Visual Composer ($34 value) and Slider Revolution ($19 value).

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